Everything is ready at Piazza di Siena for the final stages of the project “TTX EU Format … more FUN more LIFE”

The project“TTX EU Format … more FUN more LIFE,” organized by the Italian Tennis Federation, thanks to funds made available by the European Union under the ERASMUS+ program, is ready for the grand finale.

From Friday, Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 8, Piazza di Siena, one of the courtly places in Rome‘s historic center, will host the final phase of the project, which, promoting the mental and physical well-being of the youngest, focuses everything oneducation, training,inclusion and sports.

The event, which will be attended by the project’s national partner tennis federations from Spain, France, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary , and Cyprus, as well as Fitet affiliated clubs that have contributed to the conduct of activities in Italy, will be a celebration for the entire city.

The event enjoys the patronage of theDepartment of Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion of Roma Capitale and of Sports & Health, and is part of the initiatives organized as part of the European Week of Sport, promoted by the campaign #BeActive and desired by theEuropean Union, with the support of the Minister for Sport and Youth Andrea Abodi through the Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service. The claim #BeActive wants to support precisely all those sports proposals that from September 23 to September 30 (with the possibility of going up to October 15), exactly like the project “TTX EU Format… more FUN more LIFE,” intend to boost the mental and physical well-being and healthy lifestyles, with the aim of creating participation, inclusion and innovation.

“TTX EU Format. more FUN more LIFE” in fact aims to create a European format that, by involving young people from 11 to 18 years old, promotes the good habits represented by the practice of sports, through the new game of TTX.

Protagonist is the Table Tennis X, a fun and inclusive new discipline devised by theInternational Table Tennis Federation, which FITeThas already promoted in October 2019, hosting in Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome the “Rome Ping Pong Fest … a TTX Experience”, which was able to count on more than 40,000 attendees, and then by offering Summer Tours for two consecutive years, which entertained thousands of people all over Italy.

TTX uses wooden rackets, without rubber covers, and larger and heavier balls than tennis volleyball, so it can also be played outdoors, which is TTX’s favorite space. It can be played by everyone, regardless of technical ability, and anywhere. Each match is over the distance of two out of three sets, each of which does not end, as is traditionally the case, when either contender has won the eleventh point, with two ahead of the opponent, but at the stroke of two minutes.

The FITeT, through the Regional Committees and companies distributed along the Peninsula, organized ten events within secondary and high schools, involving at least 100 students in each, and an equal number of outdoor stages in the city of a circuit called the Road Show, which involved at least 200 children in each location. The nine partner federations in Europe promoted the “TTX EU Format” in their own territories and also carried out one school appointment and one Road Show each, with the same characteristics as the Italian ones. Nearly 6,000 young people in all thus participated in the project.

A total of 19 events were held in schools and 19 townships , and the winners of each of these tournaments will compete during the three-day event in the capital, which will still be open to all citizens to experience the game of TTX through practice and free play.

“As FITeT ,” explains Fitet President Renato Di Napoli. we invest resources and energy in our promotional activities, and the “TTX EU Format” is our flagship. We believed from the very beginning in the playful, aggregative and inclusive power of Table Tennis X, and after introducing this new discipline in Italy, we went further by bringing it to Europe by virtue of the collaboration of nine other countries. During these months there has been a wonderful interaction between our working group and staffs from other nations to promote the project in their respective territories, and this final stage organized in Rome is also a way to thank everyone for their efforts and to celebrate together the good success of the initiative. I wish all participants three days of friendship and continued fun with TTX.”

On Friday, October 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., FITeT will host secondary school children in Rome, who will conduct sports activities in the square. In the afternoon at 4 p .m., the Opening Ceremony of the concluding event of the “TTX EU Format” will take place, followed by briefings to participants and training activities aimed at teachers and sports coaches in attendance.

On Saturday, October 7 , the final stages of the School Tournament and Road Show will be held, with the winners of the various stages on the field, and the competitive competition, which will feature four athletes registered for each partner nation, but not on the national team rosters, selected by each delegation. Everyone will wear their nation’s personalized T-shirts. The whole day will be marked by moments of entertainment, music, performances by artists and performances by athletes from the Gymnastics Federation of Italy and the Sports Dance Federation.

Finally, Sunday 8 will be dedicated to the finals of the TTX Cup, a circuit that has been held under the supervision of Fitet with several stages around Italy, as well as a tournament open to all citizens, which can be participated in by registering at the link https://portale.fitet.org/ttx_tour/register.php?id=77.

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