In Vasto the Abruzzo school stage of the project “TTX EU Format … more FUN more LIFE”

Abruzzo was the seventh region involved in the project “TTX EU Format … more FUN more LIFE, promoted by Federazione Italiana Tennistavolo, under a European call for proposals within the ERASMUS+ funding line.

The territorial contact person for Table Tennis X Stefano Comparelli organized the school event within theGabriele Rossetti Comprehensive Institute of Vasto, which represented the seventh stage of the circuit that had already touched upon Santa Cesarea Terme (Lecce), Reggio Calabria, San Gregorio di Catania, San Frediano a Settimo, in the municipality of Cascina, San Damiano d’Asti and Quartu Sant’Elena (Cagliari).

It is, therefore, developing with great energy and spirit of participation the Giro d’Italia that aims to combine values such as education, training and sports and make them available to young people, the target audience of the project being girls and boys from age between 11 and 18 years old. That this is a successful proposal is also confirmed by the acclaim that TTX has already received in countries such as Malta, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia to France, which along with Spain, Portugal, Poland and Slovenia, which have yet to hold their own appointments, are Italy’s partner nations, collaborating with FITeT through their respective Federations.

The two-day event held at Vasto’s Gabriele Rossetti Comprehensive Institute involved 138 secondary school second-grade students in the tournament, who on the first day played the qualifying rounds and the scoreboard up to the penultimate round. On the second day in the semifinals Robert Di Vito, class of 2010, beat Carlo Leone Fiore and Valerie Gileno got the better of Andrea Stelluto in a very tight challenge that ended in the fifth set. The decisive match, though hard-fought, saw Di Vito prevail over Gileno in three sets is to earn his place in the national finals, scheduled for Oct. 6-8, 2023 in Rome, with the participation of the 19 winners of the Italian and foreign competitions.

School head teacher Cristina Eusebi and motor education teachers from the Rossetti Institute sports department attended the final stages.

“It was definitely an honor for our Institute,” says Professor Eusebi, “to have had the opportunity to host such an event, which did not end on this occasion, but will offer the opportunity for our champion, to continue this fantastic experience, representing our Institute in Rome, in the European finals of the School Tournament.

Unanimous consensus. “The tournament,” explains Professor Donato Panna, “was exciting, and the boys were very dedicated to this event, from the first to the last minute. Professor Carla De Filippis echoes him: “Everyone felt this event very much and it showed in the semifinals and finals, in which they were quite tense. They did, however, have a great time and we are all happy about that.” For Professor Luca Venzo, who filled in for the school’s Sports Liaison Maria Victoria Del Casale, “It was two wonderful days, which will certainly be worth repeating in the future, in the coming years. Kudos to the organization and thanks for the effort, everything worked well.”

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